Podcast anyone?!

I’m doing a podcast called “Lemme tell you somethin” and any of my friends or family are invited to join! Hit me up and let me know when you’re free and we can set a date and time! So far it’s mainly been work and regular life weird stories, but it’s really just hanging out and talking about stuff n stuff. When and where to listen is coming soon. 

I’m back err body!

Hello humans! I’m back, whether you want it or not! I need to update everyone with photos and weird insights I’ve had for the last few years! 


Stay tuned!  


my happy place

my happy place

Passion + Enthusiasm = Awesomeness 5000

One of my favorite things about photography is the fact that you always find something new to take pictures of.  Like my new muse for instance! Ms Alexandra came into my life recently and has so much enthusiasm for photo shoots that it has made me excited about it again. Just when I start to slow down with shooting I meet someone who is not only gorgeous, but she is just as passionate about it as I am. This isn't usually the case. I'm used to meeting models that want to shoot, but for some reason bail out in the last second or get cold feet. This can be super frustrating and obnoxious. 

Im excited to show you all the results of these photo shoots. So far we have had fun but, I have a feeling, our future projects are going to be out of control! :)  



More stunning photos to come!  

My life feels like a movie

You know how, in the movies, things happen that just seem to be familiar or perfectly fall into place? Or things occur that have to do with other things that occurred?  

I have that happen to me all the time. Sometimes I think my life was made to be a movie. Haha. That probably sounds egotistical or vain, but I swear it would be a damn good movie! Better than Forrest Gump! >=) I feel like my movie would have so many odd yet funny, and crazy yet positive interactions with the people that have been in my life forever, and the smaller interactions I've had with people that are just passing by.


I have been watching the show "Vikings" for the past few weeks and had a customer come into at&t today that had a glorious beard and a bald head! Everything about him screamed "modern day Viking". We bearded men both complimented each other's beards and went on to talk about phones. After a while of figuring out what phone and plan best suited him, we were at the computer where the transaction takes place. He gave me something that I had thought was an anchor. (Made for a necklace or a keychain) I said "That's awesome! I can't wait to show my sailing buddies!" He let me know that he is a blacksmith and it is actually the Hammer of Thor that he made himself!  "Mjölnir" I was just as happy about that as I was if it was an anchor! (Thank you J and Lori!) 

what do you think it looks like?


So I have been watching Vikings and got to meet one. Also, I have been really into going sailing lately and got a really kool Mjölnir anchor that was hand made by said Viking! How dope is THAT?!? 



This damn Blog

Ok so I'm having problems writing this blog. I always want whatever I write to be profound or at least helpful so I find myself writing something, reading it, and deleting it. The thing is, I need to stop thinking about it and just do it. Even if it's just a thought or a sentence, or even one word. I'm a photographer! We see beauty in so much and we don't always share it. Well now I'm gonna try. >=) 


Cool shot whilst sailing in the SD harbor

Cool shot whilst sailing in the SD harbor

These fights!

My thoughts? Oscar said it best "My head says Mayweather but mi corazon says Pac Man!"  


Mayweather just reminds me of the brat kid who always gets what they want. He is an amazing athlete but all his interviews and spots on TV make me think he's just your good old home grown dirt bag! I feel like he's the evil bully from every teenage movie ever made!  


Pac Man on the other hand seems like the good guy! He's our "Daniel Son". He's always cheesin For the cameras and I just want to hang out with him and that new singer from Journey and eat loompia...... 


Who do you have winning it?!  



Living in and loving San Diego

I have been back in San Diego for 2 years now. This place never fails to show me why I have always wanted to come back from wherever I was. Of course there's the incredibly perfect weather, and until recently one of my closest friends was my neighbor.

Those are great things but one of my favorite parts of this place is the fact that it's sooo diverse when it comes to the people! The weather makes this place a hot spot for people to visit, and when people visit, they tend to want to stay! I have made friends from Russia, France, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, and a bunch of other awesome sounding places.   The same goes for people that are from all corners of our country. It's definitely a plus with this place. 


I haven't really mentioned the beauty of the city! That is so great that I may just have to save that for another blog entry.   I said before that I've been here for 2 years and I still feel like I'm new to this place!  


As a photographer I always want to know the awesome places to shoot either city/landscapes or places to go with models and clients! If any of you 3 people reading this know of anything like this please share! >=) 




Blog #1 with the new setup

Ok so I'm not the best writer, and I'm not great at being interesting but I feel like something odd or something awesome happens to me every day. These odd and or awesome things should be shared. I am going to make a new word for this, like oddsome, or awesodd..


Please excuse my bad writing, but I think it's time I shared............ 


Y'all ready?!?